Sajag Longitudinal Study

A 5 year study to understand the long term impact of nurturing parenting practices in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, Sajag Longitudinal Study was initiated in the year 2014 after completion of Sajag, a parent education programme that had covered nearly 12,000 families across 168 villages in Rajnandgaon. The Sajag Longitudinal Study has been initiated to (i) track the long term impact of continuing CLR intervention on the quality of the home environment for children and the actual development of children along key domains and (ii) to develop a scalable package for delivery of the home- based psycho-social stimulation messages for children up to six years, based on the themes of touch, talk and play. A total of 200 families from Rajnandgaon that had earlier participated in Sajag were selected for the program, out of which 160 families continue to participate till date

The project over time, informed by field experiences and formative assessments has helped enhance not just the home-visiting modules, but also the home-visiting process and the process for conducting para-baithaks (community meetings).

This year we developed and piloted content to promote home-based care of 6-8 year old, since several children have now moved to this age-group.

The content includes suggested actions in the areas of affection and responsive care, school-readiness & early learning, health & hygiene, nutrition, and safety & security.

It has been organized by everyday events like ‘when eating’, ‘when playing’, ‘when going to bed’, ‘on coming back from school’, ‘when caregiver is busy’, ‘when caregiver is free’, ‘as children’s environments expand’, and ‘dealing with this age group’.

This content will be soon designed into a picture manual for communicators.

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